Texas archers get an early jump on hunting season when targeting a whitetail, but its always open season on exotics.


Texas 2018 bowhunting season for whitetail deer normally runs September 29 – November 2 but we are in the Managed Lands Deer Program which allows us to extend our whitetail season until February 28th. North Zone general season lasts November 3 – January 6, 2019.


Always open season for exotics, London Oaks Ranch has a challenging selection for the avid bowhunter.

Available exotics include Axis, Fallow, Blackbuck and Aoudad.

Semi-guided hunts

Our hunts are all semi-guided. You will be transported to your stand and picked back up at the end of your set. Unless arranged in advance, all hunts will take place over feeders, waterholes, or our blinds.

Most London Oaks Ranch blinds are fully enclosed Krivoman blinds, with operable windows/ screens, and comfortable chairs.

We have a variety of setups, from ground blinds to 10-foot elevated blinds. All have shot opportunities 20 yards or less.

Retrieving Game

We will exhaust every possibility to retrieve shot game. However, sometimes circumstances will make that impossible.

We do have tracking dogs that are available at an additional cost upon request.

If your animal is retrieved after your departure, we can handle the shipping of the trophy if desired.

Guidelines for a Rewarding Hunt

Hunting is unpredictable, but we will do everything we can to make your hunt successful. To that end, the following 18 rules and guidelines will apply:

  1. No guns are allowed.
  2. Our hunters use recurves/longbows. Crossbows may be used when  physical limitations require use.
  3. Wounded game (blood drawn) is considered a kill.
  4. You will be responsible for skinning and for the care of your game unless previously arranged.
  5. We will provide transportation of your trophy to the taxidermist or meat processor if required.
  6. Refrigeration and freezers are available.
  7. At no time will alcohol be allowed while hunting.
  8. If at any time, management considers the hunter to be irresponsible, he or she will not be permitted to take to the field.
  9. Hunters and guests will be required to complete and sign a waiver of liability.
  10. All hunters will be required to sign a form acknowledging London Oaks hunting policies.
  11. A 50% deposit is required at the time your hunt is booked. Balance  due upon your departure home.
  12. Parties of four or more may have complete use of the cabin by themselves.
  13. Non-hunting guests are welcome for $50 per night. (We will make every effort to work around families to maximize privacy.)
  14. Preferred methods of payment methods include cash and company checks.
  15. Money orders and credit cards are accepted but will incur a 3% service charge.
  16. No pets are allowed.
  17. Hunters are responsible for securing a valid Texas Parks & Wildlife hunting license.
  18. All pricing is subject to seasonal change.



$1,300 Management Hunt

Semi-guided. Meals not provided but available upon request. Two nights lodging included – Friday night through Sunday morning (4 hunts). Additional days at $200 per day (2 hunts). Maximum of three deer, which can be either 3 doe or 1 buck under 120″ and 2 doe. Unlimited hogs.

Youth 17 and under can hunt deer off your package at no additional cost. For example, on a Management Hunt, they could shoot a buck leaving you 2 doe.

If you choose to harvest a buck over 120″, there will be a $650 trophy fee.


This pricing is for our 300 acre pasture only. Whitetail are not to be harvested in this pasture.

Axis Bucks             $2,400 (up to 30″) | $3,600 (30″ and up)

Blackbuck Rams  $2,050

Fallow Bucks         $3,200 (several massive breeder bucks available for $4,050)

Auodad Rams        $2,500 – 3,750

Auodad Ewes         $450 (but only $200 if added on to another hunt)

Exotic hunts include three nights lodging. Meals are not included but can be provided at additional cost.

*If you want to bring a youth on an exotic meat hunt, we can discuss that.

A 50% deposit on all exotic hunts is required and non-refundable. If you must cancel for any reason, we will credit your deposit to another hunt if booked within 12 months.

If, for some reason, you are unable to connect with your trophy during your hunt with us, after paying your balance, you have up to 12 months to return for the same hunt at no additional charge.


London Oaks Ranch will from time to time have exotic animals for sale. Please email or call for pricing and availability

Axis Deer
Fallow Deer
Nubian Ibex
Hybrid Ibex
Scimitar Horned Oryx
Blue Wildebeest
Grants Zebra


At London Oaks Ranch, we have a variety of lodging options.

Our Main Hunting Cabin is 1800 square feet. 3 bedrooms and 2 full baths with a large Living/Dining area and a full Kitchen. It has Direct TV, wifi, a large front porch, charcoal bbq grill, 8 target 3D range.

The Stone House is a 2400 square foot, 5 bedroom, 2 bath stone home available on the 300 acres available for larger groups. It has a large Living Room, Dining table for 10, and a full Kitchen. It has Direct TV, wifi, large front porch with a great view of the sunset.

Mobile home – there is also a furnished mobile home on the ranch that are available if more privacy is desired.

Alcohol is allowed in your lodging area, but is not provided. Alcohol is never permitted in the field. Snacks, water, and soft drinks will be provided.





Native to India, where it is known as the “chital,” the axis deer was introduced into Texas about 1932. In 1988, free-ranging herds were established in 27 counties of central and southern Texas. At this time, it also occurs as a confined animal on ranches in 67 other counties.


The Fallow deer is a ruminant mammal belonging to the family Cervidae. This common species is native to Europe, but has been introduced to countries all over the world. Texas is home to thousands.


The blackbuck, also known as the Indian antelope, is an antelope found in India, Nepal and Pakistan. The blackbuck is the sole extant member of the genus Antilope. The species was described and given its binomial name by Swedish zoologist Carl Linnaeus in 1758. Two subspecies are recognized.


This “Barbary sheep” is a species of caprid native to rocky mountains in North Africa. Six subspecies have been described. Although it is rare in its native North Africa, it has been introduced to North America, southern Europe, and elsewhere. It is also known as aoudad, waddan, arui, and arruis.

Scimitar Oryx

The Scimitar Oryx is an African antelope known for their long ringed, gracefully curved horns that can grow up to 40″ in length. Their fur is white with contrasting chestnut neck and chest. During the 1970s, they were imported into Texas, which ironically, led to their salvation as they are almost extinct in Africa today.


The gemsbok, gemsbuck or South African oryx (Oryx gazella) is a large antelope in the genus Oryx. It is native to the arid regions of Southern Africa. They’re light brownish-grey  to tan, are large and have long, straight horns.


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